The annual Student Budget Consultation is a critical part of how the Student Caucus works to ensure students have a voice in shaping our university.

Like most things in life, making change at TRU requires resources, and that requires being a part of the budget process. Each year, your budget priorities and service expectations are gathered through a two-stage consultation. A comprehensive survey records your opinions of and priorities from a wide range of your experiences, and a Town Hall let us ask you about key priorities in depth.

These priorities are compiled in a Report on the Student Budget Consultation and presented to university administration. The administration reviews the recommendations and distributes them to the responsible departments. Those departments must consider those recommendations when developing their annual budget requests and service plans. That means that your concerns are built into budget development – right from the start!

Current Recommendations

The following chart represents the recommendations made by students in the 2018/19 Student Budget Consultation and the progress that has been made in addressing these recommendations by Thompson Rivers University.

Parking Response Status
1. Monitor and report on the implementation of the Sustainable Parking Framework and pricing rates and structures in terms of the effect on total single-occupancy vehicle use, demand management, and shifts to use of alternative transportation options; Response Received
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2.  Monitor and report on the use of the 20% discount on passes for those living outside the transit service area; Response Received
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3.  Reconsider rate increases and investigate pricing rate, structure, and augmentation options that are more flexible to needs and sensitive to affordability and fairness;

Response Received
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4.  Include structured/underground parking in the 5-Year Capital Plan to maintain 2,481 total parking spaces as per the Campus Master Plan; Response Received
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Food Services Response Status

1. Monitor and report on the implementation of the actions identified in the Food Services Response to TRUSU in terms of the effect on the expansion of food options in the form of food trucks and the redevelopment of existing outlets, on the provision of dietary accommodation and nutritional information, on the extension of hours of operation, and on the promptness of food service; and

Response Received
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 2. Conduct a full and meaningful campus consultation to shape any new or renewed campus food service contract(s) Response Received
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Student Awards and Financial Support Response Status
 1. Increase awareness and use of financial supports through both advertising and integrated communications and administration in related departments and processes; Response Received
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2. Reorganize and bolster a student-centred service provision in Student Awards and Financial Support; Response Received
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 3. Provide for a seamless experience between Student Awards and Financial Support and other departments; and Response Received
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 4. Continue and report on the audit of financial aid offerings, and maintain a partnership with the Students’ Union to undertake a study of financial need amongst potential students in the region that TRU serves Response Received
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Academic Advising Response Status
 1. Ensure the full implementation of Degree Works, including use by students, for all programs by the Fall 2018 semester Response Received
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Course Materials Response Status
 1. Establish a comprehensive system of textbooks on reserve in the Library with sufficient copies to meet demand by investigating alternative funding arrangements such as Faculty or departmental budgets;

Response Received
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2. Establish an Open Textbook Grants Program, in development by a multi-stakeholder group, for instructors to create and adapt open educational resources for use in courses Response Received
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2018/19 Report Responses by the Numbers


Prior Year Recommendations

No Response/
No Action
Declined to Address Partially Addressed/
Partially Complete
Substantially Addressed/
Substantially Complete
Addressed in Full/
2017/18 Student Budget Consultation Recommendations
2016/17 Student Budget Consultation Recommendations

More Information

Check out the Student Caucus Newsfeed or contact for updates on the Student Budget Consultation for this year!

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