Club Forms

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Why Start a Club?

So, you want to start a club? There is a whole range of great reasons to get students organized! Whether you study a common discipline, share an interest or hobby, or share a culture, religion, or political belief, your club can contribute to campus life. Your Students’ Union is here to help with a whole range of club services.

When thinking of starting a club, the first thing to do is check the TRUSU Clubs Directory to see if a club that serves your interests already exists. If there is one, send them an email to get involved! If your club is new, get at least fifty members together and decide on the goals of your club. Now you are ready to apply for club status!

Applying for Club Status

To apply for Club status, you must complete and submit a Club Registration Form

When filling out the registration form, you and your fellow members must decide on a club name. The name will start with “TRUSU” and end with “Club”. For example, you may name your club the “TRUSU Quilting Club”, but not the “TRU Quilting Association”. Shorter names are best. Second, you need a short description of your club’s aims and purposes. Simply state what you hope to accomplish. For example, you may state: “To promote quilting as a hobby among students”. Finally, you need to decide amongst yourselves either through consensus, nomination, or election who will become your two signing authorities. These two members will be the club’s official representatives. They must be registered as students at Thompson Rivers University and will assume financial and legal liabilities for the club. They must list their contact information, student number, and provide a signature.

Once you have completed these fields on the Club Registration Form, have your fellow members list their names, student numbers, emails addresses, and signatures on the back. At least fifty student signatures are needed to apply as a club. A completed Club Registration Form will be accepted at the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building. Your application will then be reviewed at a board of directors meeting, which you will be invited to attend. To find out when the next meeting is taking place check out the Board meeting page. Once a decision has been made by the board, the proposed signing authorities will be contacted via email.

Renewing your Club Status

The Club Year runs from August 1st to July 31st each year. Clubs that wish to continue being a club after July 31st must submit a Club Renewal Form. This form serves to update your signing authorities, contact information, aims & purposes, and express continued interest in the clubs activities.

Clubs have a six month grace period from the close of one club year to submit a renewal form before the club will be officially dissolved. It is best to submit a renewal form as soon as possible as clubs do not have access to any club services until a renewal form has been submitted to the Students’ Union. To complete a renewal form your club must choose its signing authorities for the upcoming year and have a minimum of ten club members sign off on the new signing authorities. Renewal forms can be submitted at the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building.

Changing Your Signing Authorities

Often clubs find that their signing authorities are graduating, or taking a semester abroad, or no longer interested in leading the club mid way through the semester or academic year. If this happens, your club must register new signing authorities with the Students’ Union to ensure that you have access to the full range of club services.

To register new signing authorities, simply fill out the Club Signing Authority Change Form and drop it off at the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building. Your club will be contacted once the signing authorities have been officially updated. Please keep in mind this form does not need to be submitted during renewal, only if a renewal form has already been submitted and a club would like to change its signing authorities again.