Elections are about deciding our priorities for the future. The way that we do this is through voting for a local candidate in our community who is often also part of a federal party. We have interviewed each of the local candidates running in the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo region to ask them about their priorities for the future and their position on various issues such as affordable housing, student financial aid, and the job market.

Click on any of the videos below to get to know your local candidates. You can also find links to contact the candidates to ask them your own questions and a short biography on their backgrounds.

Conservative Party of CanadaLiberal Party of CanadaNew Democratic Party of CanadaGreen Party of CanadaPeoples Party of CanadaCommunist Party of Canada Animal Protection Party

Cathy McLeod – Conservative Party of Canada

Cathy McLeod has served with dedication and integrity as your Member of Parliament. When Andrew Scheer became the Leader of the Conservative Party in 2017, he appointed her as the Shadow Minister for Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

Previously, Cathy served as Parliamentary Secretary to several Cabinet Ministers, including the Minister of Health, Minister of Labour and Western Economic Diversification, and Minister of National Revenue.

Prior to her election to the House of Commons, Cathy was a municipal councillor and then Mayor of Pemberton. She was also Director of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District.

Cathy is a registered nurse, and managed health care centres in downtown Kamloops, Pemberton, Logan Lake and Chase. She played a leadership role in primary healthcare reform for the B.C. Interior Health Authority.

Cathy earned her nursing degree from the University of Western Ontario, and completed a Master’s Degree in International Primary Health Care from the University of London in the U.K.

Cathy and her husband, Gord, have been married for over 35 years. They live in Kamloops and have three adult children.






249 Seymour Street Kamloops


Terry Lake – Liberal Party of Canada

Terry Lake is a former faculty member at TRU, teaching Animal Health Technology and his wife, Lisa has worked at TRU in advising and the School of Business and Economics for over twenty years. Terry understands the strengths and the needs of TRU and has fought hard to bring new facilities and programs to our thriving university creating more opportunities for students.

Terry is a dedicated local community leader and volunteer with a proven record of community service, and he knows what it’s like to run a business and raise a family. As former Mayor, MLA, and BC Cabinet Minister, and now as our Team Trudeau candidate, he is dedicated to making sure that more hard-working families have the chance to build a better future for themselves in Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo.

Terry and Lisa have three daughters who grew up in Kamloops. A veterinarian by profession, Terry has called Kamloops home for more than 20 years, and his previous experience in politics and government have given him a solid understanding of what it takes to create and keep good, well-paying jobs in our region. Terry’s experience as BC’s Environment Minister, Health Minister and Chair of the Ranching Task Force has given him an appreciation of the challenges faced by the Interior of British Columbia, particularly in rural areas of our great province.

Terry served as the MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson from 2009-2017, Mayor of Kamloops from 2005-2008, and as a city councillor from 2002-2005 and will work hard as your Member of Parliament.










448 Victoria Street Kamloops 


Cynthia Egli – New Democratic Party of Canada


Iain Currie – Green Party of Canda

Iain Currie is a father of three, a born-and-raised Kamloopsian and graduate of St Ann’s Academy. After completing law school at the University of British Columbia, Iain returned to his hometown to serve the public as a prosecutor for nearly eighteen years at the Kamloops Crown Counsel office – including five years as Deputy Regional Crown – taking on some of the highest-profile homicide cases in the province. In 2017, Iain left the Crown to return to private law practice in order to avoid potential conficts of interest after meeting the love of his life, Lisa – a medical doctor who frequently serves as an expert witness in murder trials.

Iain Currie’s commitment to environmental action began in 2008, when he entered a video-making contest to train with Climate Project Canada. He won the contest, and he travelled to Montreal to learn from global leaders including Al Gore about how to educate others and advocate for action to combat climate change. Iain then returned to Kamloops to make presentations about the urgency of climate change – and what we must do about it – to audiences throughout the community.

Today, Iain joins Elizabeth May and millions of Green Party supporters in Canada and around the world in rejecting the cynicism of politics as usual. Iain shares the Green Vision for a new sort of politics based on collaboration, rooted in sustainability, and relentlessly focussed on the overall health of our communities.








Location135 Victoria Street Kamloops


Ken Finlayson – Peoples Party of Canada

Ken operates a small ranch near Lac La Hache BC for non-resident owners from the lower mainland. A semi retirement position he thought he’d try out a little more than a year and half ago. Well turns out Ken’s not very good at retirement and “so having been afflicted with an active interest in politics my entire life I now find myself drawn back into the political arena”.

Ken was born and raised into a farming and ranching family near North Battleford Saskatchewan where his family has been for six generations. “We got there just after the Indians did” Ken jokes.

“Basically, I’m conservative in my outlook. I wasn’t always but with age comes wisdom and I hope I’ve learned a little along the way. Reality if we’re willing to embrace it can be a great teacher. When I look at the division, uncertainty and suffocating government regulations besetting our nation today I can’t just stand idly by and watch a great nation, a people I love with our potential and opportunity self destruct. We can do better! We deserve better!

I had a stern ole aunt Edna who used to shake her finger at me and say; “Ken if you’re not willing to get involved in politics your doomed to be governed by them that are!” So here I am. The Candidate for the “Peoples Party of Canada” in the “Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo” riding of “Beautiful BC”.







Peter Kerek – Communist Party of Canada

Peter Kerek is the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo candidate for the Communist Party of Canada.

He is a 39-year resident of Kamloops and an Honours Grad of Norkam Secondary.

The 46-year-old father of four has been a labour activist for over 20 years including twice holding the Presidency of the largest democratically organized NGO in the Kamloops area: the Kamloops and District Labour Council. He has spent most of his working life in the fields of labour relations, community social services and transportation while also attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UBC (1997) and a Bachelor of Journalism Degree from TRU (2003).

Peter is committed to fighting for a just society where the needs of people are placed before the needs of corporations and profit.

“Capitalism remains reliant on institutionalized poverty, underemployment, unemployment, exploitation and desperation. I am the only candidate, in my riding, to be fighting for an end to all these social and economic ailments. As we’ve seen, since the downturn of the international communist movement some 30 years ago, unfettered capitalism has only led to greater and greater hoarding of wealth and an ever-expanding pool of impoverished working people. We’re giving Kamloops progressives a chance to vote their conscience and demand better on October 21st ,” says Kerek.

“Our platform includes a massive restructuring of Canada’s tax system in order to ensure all people’s needs are met and corporations are made to pay their share. The profit motive shouldn’t exist in the delivery of people’s fundamental rights.”





Twitter @proletariatkami


Kira Cheeseborough – Animal Protection Party of Canada

Kira is a 3rd year Bachelor of Social Work student at Thompson Rivers University. For the last 3 years, Kira has been advocating for proactive policy change for youth experiencing homelessness, mental health concerns, substance dependencies, and sexualized violence. Though much of her advocacy is rooted in her lived experience on these issues, Kira works to bring forward the concerns of others by helping to provide a platform sharing their solutions.

Kira is passionate about opening and changing the narrative surrounding marginalized or exploited populations, human and non-human alike. Because many injustices non-human animals face run parallel with the human experiences, Kira firmly believes we can never achieve the justice we want in the world without the inclusion of others in our paradigm of compassion.

Kira has been involved in many local and provincial initiatives advocating for the rights of Indigenous people, women, youth, and animals. She has raised over $5000 through charity livestreams on Twitch.tv for Project Semicolon and To Write Love on Her Arms surrounding suicide prevention/awareness. She also has many years of volunteer experience with events such as the SPCA Paws for a Cause. Additionally, Kira has participated in anti-pipeline protests, marched in solidarity for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, embraced her bisexuality in Pride Parades, has attended climate strikes across BC, animal rights protests, and engaged in civil disobedience in resistance to animal exploitation with Meat The Victims Canada.

Her passion to help the underrepresented or unheard is strong and her conviction even stronger.