Amar Ekushey - International Mother Language Day

Amar Ekushey – International Mother Language Day

TRUSU Bangladesh club proudly brings you an event that represents patriotism, this event is none other than International Mother Language Day. We are proud that Bangladesh is the reason behind this amazing recognition, because of the sacrifices of our heroes back in 1952 now the whole world celebrates their mother language on this day.

Our heroes, Salam, Jabbar, Rafik, Barkat and every Bangladeshi who gave their lives to save their mother language will be given tribute by the TRUSU Bangladesh Club. We as Bangladeshis love our mother language and indeed we gave the whole world a significant day to appreciate and their mother language, we want to make sure that these sacrifices are never forgotten.

We will celebrate this event by cultural music, drama, poetry recitation and patriotic dance.

– Clock Tower – CT 200
– 21st February 2020
– 10a.m to 12p.m
– Free entry

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Clock Tower CT 200
805 TRU Way


Feb 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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