Ballot box

Each year the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union holds elections to elect a new Board of Directors. Elections must take place before the last week of March each year. The newly elected board takes office on May 1st. In the event of a position vacancy the Students’ Union will hold a By-Election or Council will appoint a representative according to the By-Laws. 

Any current member of the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union may nominate themselves as a candidate for election as an Executive Member or a Director-at-Large. Candidates for Advocacy Representatives must also belong to the constituency group they are seeking to represent, for example candidates for the Women’s Representative must self-identify as women or candidates for the Graduate Students’ Representative must be enrolled in a Graduate Program.

Elections are called by the Board of Directors and must take place each year by the last week of March. Check the newsfeed to see if elections have been called for the current year. All elections are overseen by the Electoral Committee.

Nomination Period

The nomination period is the time when members can complete nomination packages to submit themselves as a candidate for the election
Two Weeks

Campaign Period

The campaign period is each candidates opportunity to convince members that they should vote for them
One Week

Election Polling

Election polling is the time period that members have to cast a ballot for their chosen candidate(s)
16 hours over two days