2015 Public Polling Presentation

On June 2, 2016 the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union held a townhall to present its most recent public opinion polling report. Commissioned through the national polling firm Vector Research, the report provides the opinions of over 600 households in the Kamloops region with regards to a range of post-secondary education issues.

When asked what the government can do to help students,1 in 4 residents in Kamloops chose needs based grants as the preferred form of student financial aid, while only 1 in 20 chose student loans. “We were excited to see that the community understands the need to replace student loans with needs based grants,” said Vice President External Amber Storvold.

British Columbia is one of the only provinces that has no comprehensive grants system. Other provinces, as well as the federal government, have continued to expand their systems of grants for students in recent years – and there is a clear desire from residents of Kamloops to see similar changes in BC.

The TRUSU Campaigns Committee will be working over the coming months to raise the issue of student financial aid with decision-makers to ensure that there is a comprehensive system of needs-based grants in British Columbia that works to supports those students who need it most.

To stay up to date with the activities of the TRUSU Campaigns Committee check out the Campaigns Newsfeed or contact Amber Storvold, Vice-President External via email at vpexternal@trusu.ca.