The Student Caucus isn’t Giving Up on Fixing Parking at TRU!

Earlier this year, the Student Caucus submitted a series of practical solutions to improve parking at TRU.

We heard your call for a greater range of affordable, flexible, and convenient options. At the same time, we knew that TRU would not accept any loss of parking fee revenue and that sustainability is a priority. We worked to create a proposal that would make parking better for everyone.

Our proposal generated A LOT of discussion from students, staff, and faculty. The staff union at TRU, CUPE 4879, even submitted their own proposal.

Parking Update

The Parking Appeals and Advisory Committee has now considered parking options at two meetings on November 17 and December 01, 2015. They have now scheduled a special meeting over the Reading Break to come to final decisions. Recommendations on what changes should be made will be sent to the Vice President Administration and Finance.

Student representatives on the committee are advocating for one recommendation in particular – opening staff lots for everyone to use!

Stay tuned to find out what your travel to campus will look like in the future!