The Students’ Union is seeking a student to fill the vacant position of Vice President Finance on the TRUSU Board of Directors.

Position Requirements

As outlined in the TRUSU Bylaws, the responsibilities of the Vice President Finance are to:

  1. be responsible for all books, records, and accounts of the Union;
  2. render a monthly statement of accounts to the Board of Directors;
  3. oversee the preparation of the annual budget of the Union;
  4. oversee the business operations and services of the Union;
  5. act as a signing authority of the Union;
  6. chair the Services Committee of the Union;
  7.  be a member of the Student Caucus;

In addition, the Vice President Finance is required to:

  • Attend bi-weekly Board of Directors Meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly Services Committee Meetings
  • Attend weekly Executive Committee Meetings
  • Attend monthly Student Caucus Meetings

Candidates should be prepared for an approximate time commitment of 25 hours per week.

Appointment Timeline

The timeline for the appointment process will be as follows:

  1. October 22 – Applications open online
  2. November 5 – Applications close
  3. November 18 – Candidate appointed at the Board of Directors
  4. November 19 – Position begins
  5. April 30 – Position Ends


The deadline to submit an application for this position has passed.